Which Would You Choose?

Imagine the following scenarios. Which one would you choose?

In the first scenario, you get to spend four years living it up in a nice lake house. All expenses are paid. You get four years of total vacation in the sun at your nearest body of water. The only catch is that at the end of the four years you have to spend the rest of your life in prison; no parole. Ouch!

In the second scenario you have to serve four years in military service. Afterward though, you get to spend the rest of your life traveling from vacation spot to vacation spot. All expenses are paid. You will get to spend time in places that you only dreamed of; tropical islands, mountainous regions, culturally rich getaways, you name it!

Which would you choose? Most would say that it is a no brainer. The second choice is the obvious one. Most people in their right mind would not trade in a four year vacation anywhere for a lifetime in prison. However, many would be willing to serve our country for four years for a lifetime of travel. In fact, even though it may be hard work, serving your country may even be something you grow to love; living sacrificially for your nation and those who live in it.

As obvious as the choice may seem, in the choice of life, many choose the first scenario over the second. I know… It’s ridiculous, but that is exactly what happens. People choose to live life on their own little lake house, living it up, instead of in service to God. They waste life away and in the end will spend eternity in the prison of Hell with Satan, his angels and the rest of those who have rebelled against God.

Those who submit to God in repentant faith desire to live a life of service to Him and for others. Therefore they have a heavenly dwelling that awaits them when Christ returns to bring paradise to the earth. Nothing in this life could ever compare! The sacrifice, the suffering and the service that the Christian experiences in this temporary life is well worth the heavenly reward. In fact, followers of Christ even grow to love it.

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Chuck Briese, Oak Ridge Now

[avatar user="cbriese" size="thumbnail" align="left"] Chuck Briese has been a resident of South Montgomery County since 1988. He and his lovely and patient wife, Leslie, have six sons, with only one left to finish high school. Chuck has been a Cub Scout leader, a Little League baseball coach, a church youth leader, and a general troublemaker over the course of the past 25 years. He is obsessed with his lawn, and likes restaurants that serve food that fills up the plate. He has a tendency to tilt at windmills, which may explain why he started Oak Ridge Now.

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