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Trevor QuickEvery week we search for the latest “In the Spotlight” subject and every week it gets easier and easier. Why? Well, when you have a logjam of qualified individuals within the Oak Ridge High School feeder zone, it poses a nice problem. We could actually do twenty a week with all of the greatness around here.

However, seeing as we can only pick one, we chose Oak Ridge football player Trevor Quick. Trevor is a starting linebacker for Coach Hauge’s stellar defense. Quick is quite noticeable in games as in being about as aggressive and maniacal as the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, he is in on just about every Oak Ridge tackle. He is also a decorated wrestler for Coach Mike Morgan.

Of course, we wouldn’t be focusing on Quick if he was one dimensional. Off the field to include in the classroom he is even more impressive. What clinched it was when we received word of a prestigious student athlete award Trevor is up for; The Houston Touchdown Club Scholar Athlete Award. Only 25 student athletes are nominated in the Houston area with each receiving a $500.00 scholarship with the winner getting even more.

Meet Trevor Quick!

Have you always been as dedicated to your schoolwork as you are now?
I’d say that I’ve been enthusiastic about school since elementary school. My mom and dad have always pushed me to get good grades. My mom especially, as she was my 7th grade math teacher. Plus, I see grades as a competition and I don’t like to lose. I’ve always been competitive and that’s my drive because I want to be the best and I know the better my grades are, the better chance that opportunities will open up for me. I really don’t understand why some kids blow off school and then still expect to be successful.

Do you have a favorite subject in school?
Math is probably my favorite even though it can be boring and tedious at times. I’m taking AP Calculus this year and it’s the toughest class I’ve had in high school, but I still like the content. I like knowing there is one concrete answer and finding different ways to find it. That’s what math is.

College plans?
I have already decided to enroll at Texas A&M as I’ve been accepted into their engineering program. The specific course of study is chemical engineering but that could change…. We’ll see.

How have your football and wrestling coaches been an inspiration to you?
My coaches are great! I wouldn’t be as successful as I am if I didn’t have a good connection with them to let them push me to my limits. As far as inspiration goes, both my wrestling and football coaches help me realize how good I can be and to not doubt myself. I love the way Oak Ridge coaches carry themselves. In seeing Coach Barrett yell at the team constantly, it reminds me of how much he cares about the program. It makes me give my all because I know he cares about the program and wants the best for it. Seeing him give his all makes everyone else want to as well. In wrestling, I’ll be a four year letterman and Coach Morgan has talked to me about being a leader in the wrestling room and what I mean to the team. Wrestling is more of an individual sport, but knowing I need to help the younger kids step up gives me that drive to perform much better.

Have you grown up in Oak Ridge?
I moved to this area when I was seven and started at Ford Elementary. Before that, I lived in the Klein area. If I had stayed in Klein, I would have eventually gone to Klein Collins which is our first round playoff opponent. Ha Ha!

How have you come to like Oak Ridge?
I love it here in Oak Ridge! In fact, when I was in 8th grade my wrestling coach was also the head wrestling coach at The Woodlands High School and he wanted me to come wrestle for him. I just couldn’t do it because I wanted to go to Oak Ridge high school where I felt I belonged. He even called us “Joke Ridge” and I just smiled and got back at him later by beating his wrestlers both my freshman and sophomore years at District with him watching.

How do you think Oak Ridge sports have progressed since you’ve been in Oak Ridge? How does the future of Oak Ridge athletics look to you?
Each year we have become better and better athletically and we are now starting to make our mark in 5-A. In my opinion, in general I think the community around us never thinks we can be successful and it has contributed to a losing mentality in our school. We are seen as the underdog and called joke ridge. I do think kids in this school have just gotten tired of it and decided that we have the ability to beat anyone in front of us. In regards to football, this was brought on by revamping the coaching staff. We got rid of the coaches who didn’t believe we could win and got coaches who know we can win and we all have made that happen. There will be bumps in the road and we aren’t at that elite level where we want to be but our attitude and demeanor about ourselves has changed. Instead of settling for a close loss, we are determined to get huge victories. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think people in our community think we can be a top notch program but it doesn’t matter what they think. It matters what we think. The new coaches have helped develop a winning mentality and we don’t listen to what the naysayers say about us. I wish I could stay in the program a few more years because I am really excited about where Oak Ridge is heading and I want to remain a part of it.

Do you have a favorite teacher?
I don’t have that “one” teacher who had a huge influence on me. What I do have are a lot of great teachers whose classes I have really enjoyed, like Mr. Algaze and Mrs. Cantrell.

You have a real tight family. How has that helped in your development?
My whole family is competitive whether in board games or sports and that’s where I get my drive. I always want to one-up my siblings and they want to do the same. My parents have a great deal to do with my successes. They are at every football game and wrestling tournament cheering me on and always pushing me to do my best. Sometimes, the pushing gets old like it does for most kids whose parents support them but I know it helps me. If I had a mom and dad who didn’t get involved in school and sports like they do, I wouldn’t be the same person I am. I love them for what they do for me and I just want to make them proud because of how much they give for me.

By now, you think as highly as we do of Trevor Quick. I have a remembrance of Quick from 7th grade and it describes his awesome personality. While I was covering a District junior high track meet at McCullough for the Villager, I witnessed something that left me with a great impression of Trevor. He was waiting for the call for the two mile runners to come to the track, and a teammate was razzing him about how bad he was going to beat Trevor. Trevor just said, “OK, We’ll see… should be a good race… good luck.” He refused to take the bait. Apparently, he and this other kid were close in ability. Actually, the other kid looked like more of a middle distance runner than Trevor did. Trevor was stocky like a football player back then too. I don’t remember but he could just as well have been a shot-put guy too.

Anyway, long story short (Editor’s note: too late) the race starts and the other kid goes out fast, not really having any kind of strategy. Trevor methodically plods along going at a reasonable, albeit consistently slow pace. He was behind this kid by quite a bit until the 5th lap. It was at that time that “mouth” starting running out of gas. Meanwhile, Trevor had been running at the same pace the whole time and passed him at the start of the 7th lap. It wasn’t even close.

After the race, in the bleachers where all the athletes congregate when they are not competing, the other kid looked at Quick and didn’t say anything. Trevor offered up the following with the biggest shoot-eating grin you’d ever see, “You know, every race you talk trash and every race you lose. Sooner or later you’d think you’d learn something.”

That story is Trevor Quick in a nutshell. He is a classy young man that doesn’t need an audience because proving to himself that he is giving his all is enough for him.

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