York Growing Future Lady War Eagles

Early in the week, we received an email from York notifying us of the York junior high girls basketball “Parents Night” to be held on Thursday night. McCullough was coming to town so the more support, the better.

In arriving at York at 6pm for the 8th grade “A” game, I was pleased for many reasons to be forced to park a mile away. Number 1 being I need the exercise and number 2 being there’s nothing more exciting to me than a packed house for any sporting event.

Well, I was early as the festivities were running late. The “B” game was in the 3rd quarter so I had time to get organized…or so I thought. People make the mistake of thinking a “B” designation equals an unentertaining basketball game. To the contrary, the “B” game was awesome with the outcome in doubt the whole time.

Keep in mind this is Parents night, McCullough is in town, the band is playing, the cheerleaders are cheering, the Liberty Babe Officers are performing and the place is packed to include the whole Oak Ridge HS varsity baseball team and the gym, although aesthetically pleasing for a junior high school gym, is an echo chamber. The architects must have consulted the White House archives to see how the Oval Room was constructed. For an old guy like me, the noise was deafening. Add to that, I have the McCullough junior high coach three feet to my left screaming out instructions. By the way, someone check her ID because she can’t be more than 16 years old. Whatever the case, she’s a real good coach. On my right, a little further away is the York coach who is equally as loud and enthusiastic and also an excellent coach.

Long story short, with 34 seconds left in the game, York’s Lauren Garza made a put-back giving the Lady Eagles the lead 16-15. Not to be outdone, back the other way McCullough’s cool, calm and collected Maddy Fitzpatrick called a backboard swish with 16 seconds remaining. Yeah, McC just scored the go-ahead basket but I was so impressed with Fitzpatrick in that in looking at her demeanor after she made this important basket, she acted like she does this kind of thing all the time.

York had another chance at the buzzer but the shot did not connect. It was an awesome game and I was so lucky to have been early.

Shortly thereafter, the “A” game started. The last time these two teams played, McCullough won handily. This time around, York Guard Jamy Smith knew York would be more ready, “We’re just going to go all out and not allow them to score easy baskets. They’re good and much taller than us but if we play hard, I know we can hang with them.”

With 3 minutes left in the first quarter, Smith was looking like a smart prognosticator as after a Kameron Boren drano, York was up 4-2 motivating the McCullough coach to call a T/O.

Whatever message the McC coach sent her players, it seemed to work as they went on a 12 point run and never looked back.

It would be criminal not to point out the effort the York girls showed throughout this contest even though the game was never in doubt after the first quarter. Diving after loose balls, taking punishing charges and always hustling back on D, these girls made all in attendance very proud. ORHS coach Molly Gibson was in attendance as well. Coach played at York, then ORHS and then at Rice where she still holds several records. Her style was in your face, aggressive basketball as a player and that philosophy hasn’t changed one bit now that she is coaching. What the coach saw was the kind of effort she demands of her players now. If these girls are interested in playing for Gibson, they are ALL on the right track.


All of us in the Oak Ridge high school feeder zone want to beat The Woodlands at everything and that day will soon come with all of the magnificent athletes coming out of York. I don’t know about you but I try and find things to dislike about The Woodlands. However, that’s tough to do when the McC coaches come over to the scorers table and say how great it was to play at York and how impressed they were with the York athletes.

Thanks for raining on my parade McC coaches. I still want to beat all of your brains in though.

So it was a great night at York! You had several school groups participating, students and parents cheering and everyone had some serious class.

York is awesome! I’ve got to make it there more often. Every time I go to that joint, the place is like GOLD!


1   2   3   4   totals

YORK     4   4   6   6-  20

McC      10  13 11  5- 39


Boren: 4 points and 2 assists

Scibek: 4 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 assist

Fountain: 6 points and 3 rebounds and 1 assist

Thompson: 4 points and 1 assist

Wiggington: 2 points and 1 assist

Hadnot: 3 rebounds

Jamy Smith:3 rebounds, 1 steal and 3 assists

Emily McShane: 2 rebounds

Nikki Testerman: 3 rebounds

Rebecca Fesler: 1 assist and 2 rebounds

McC: Points…

Terry: –

Clark: 2

Marx: 2

Brans: 7

Heathcock: 6

Langkamp: 4

Bass: –

Burke: 8

Thomas: 6

Henderson: 5

Olson: –

During every game I cover, I make little notes about each Oak Ridge (in this case York) player. Whether they are accurate or not is up for debate but it’s what I saw. You are welcome to my notes below. Thank you for such a great time!!!

Kameron Boren #1..Gamer. good ball handler. good outside shot.

Emily Thompson: #33.. A terror. In your face. A jump ball waiting to happen on D and always ends up with the ball. Scrapper..a coach’s dream.

Meya Hadnot: #32.. The Windex girl. Never intimidated. Good team player.

Jamy Smith: #4..  Never a fast break for the other team when she’s on the floor. Scrapper. Knows the game. solid.

Emily McShane: #14.. Aggressive. Intimidation is her middle name. Intimidated is not in her vocabulary.

Rebecca Fesler: #22.. Always back on D. The energizer bunny.

Kacey Fountain: #23.. Real talented. Good teammate…doesn’t let her ability cloud her head.. Supportive.

Nikki Testerman: #25.. Gamer. always in the middle of the action sacrificing her body. Not afraid to foul.

Kelsey Scibek: #34.. The Captain. Great player. Can bring the ball up-court but can rebound with anyone. Leader.

Paige Wiggington: # 42.. Solid. gamer. battler. doesn’t get pushed around. always a factor.

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