Will You Be Left Behind?

Dr. T. Kem Oberholzer of Grace Rock Ministries will be teaching a weekly class on the Book of Revelation beginning Thursday, January 20 and extending through April 14. The class will be taught at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands. Topics will include Prophecy, End of the Age, Anti-Christ, The Beast, Armageddon, and Eternity, along with personal application.

Dr. Oberholtzer is President and Founder of Grace Rock Ministries, a ministry committed to teaching, discipleship and writing on the grace gospel of Jesus Christ.  His goal is to creatively and accurately teach God’s Word to all ages.  Through a variety of teaching styles and methods such as visuals, power point, handouts, and object lessons, he has allowed the Holy Spirit to use the gifts he has been given to reach many
Kem’s objective and life passion is to shepherd, mentor and creatively communicate the Scriptures to the body of Christ with the goal of moving believers toward spiritual maturity and a deeper walk with Christ. He is deeply committed to the discipleship and development of godly character in men and women.

That’s the “official biography” stuff. The reality is that Kem is an engaging, articulate teacher with a dry but slightly twisted sense of humor. He could speak for 90 minutes on the mating habits of the fire ant, and no one would leave the room or fall asleep. With a topic as rich as the Book of Revelation you’ll walk out of the class understanding a lot more than you ever expected, and wondering how the last 90 minutes flew by so fast.

For more information, see the Grace Rock Ministries web site, or send a note to gracerockministries@comcast.net.

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