In The Spotlight: ORHS Soccer Player Chris Steinley

In The Spotlight this week is Oak Ridge high school junior, Chris Steinley.

Chris has lived in Oak Ridge for the better part of his life and is the kind of kid we like to profile here at Oak Ridge Now. What kind of kid is that you ask? Focused… Goal oriented (in more ways than one)… Outgoing… unselfish… and above all responsible. See for yourself:

I see you are on the varsity soccer team. When did you start playing the game?
I started playing soccer in 1997 in Cleveland, Ohio. The following year we moved to Spring, Texas where I have played for YMCA, Xtreme, and The Texas Rush.

How did you get into soccer?
My dad plays soccer so my parents put me in it when I was four and I have played ever since.

Along with high school soccer, do you still play select soccer?
I play for the Texas Rush U17 Swoosh Blue Team. In December we won the Div 2 STYSA State Championship.

What is the difference between playing select and playing high school?
One difference between the two is that with select I have been playing with the kids on the team for so long that I know what they are going to do and we work really well together. In High school sports, the team changes a lot due to things like seniors graduating and I also miss a lot of the off season because in the fall I run cross country. Another difference is that High School soccer is a lot more fitness oriented than club soccer. Coach Fanning has us do a fitness workout twice a week which is very beneficial. Also, Oak Ridge plays a more offensive game while my club team has spent a lot of time organizing the defensive end of the field. The mix is good because it has helped me learn the whole game.

Why do you like living in the great town of Oak Ridge?
I’ve made some great friends here in the 13 years I’ve been here and I just like the area.

Why do you like Oak Ridge High School?
I like Oak Ridge for its coaches and teachers. I know I’ll be ready for college when the time comes.

Do you have a favorite class?
My favorite class is AP Chemistry.

Favorite teacher?
Mrs. McNutt.

What are your college aspirations?
Well, I want to be an engineer so I’ll be studying engineering wherever I go. I’m looking at a lot of colleges right now. I don’t want to be the guy who waits until the last second and gets shut out.

Let’s see if Chris’ soccer coach, Jason Fanning thinks as highly of Chris as we do:

“Chris’ work ethic and positive approach makes him a valuable member of the varsity team. His reliability and flexibility gives the coaching staff a lot of options and confidence in his ability to step into a variety of places on the field. He attacks, he serves a pretty nice diagonal ball, and his 1 on 1 defense is solid. He has started for the War Eagles at right back and center back, two very different positions. He showed the acumen to be successful at both.

His commitment towards improvement makes for a much more competitive atmosphere in practice which makes everyone on the team better. I am very excited about his future in the program and his continued contribution to creating a winning mentality.”

Coach Fanning is definitely on board! We like to make sure our subject’s are legit. We’re safe with Steinley.

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