In Other News: Racial Profiling Edition

Lots of stuff happens every day in our community, and we don’t have the staff to cover everything. And sometimes we don’t even hear about it here at Oak Ridge Now until we read it somewhere else. But you might not have heard about it either, so we once again bring you another edition of In Other News.

Leading off, Scott Engle of the Montgomery County Police Reporter details the charges brought by the U.S. Attorney’s office against Dr. Sam Jahani, of  Dr. D’s Urgent Care on the I-45 feeder. After a DEA raid on his Colorado offices, Dr. Jahani is no longer permitted to prescribe medication in the State of Colorado. He has no such restrictions, however, in the State of Texas, so pop on in a get a prescription today!

In what is my personal favorite story this week, a woman alleges she was racially profiled by the City of Oak Ridge North police department when they pulled her over for going at least 60-mph  on Hanna Road. Hmmm. I think a number of us who have been pulled over in the past 20 years by the fine men and women of the Oak Ridge North police force can testify that they are apt to ticket anyone going 60 on Hanna. The video that accompanies this story is must see, as you keep wondering how close the Pomeranian (really) will get to the passing traffic.

In criminals-are-usually-pretty-dumb news, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office responded to a report of illegal dumping on Guadalupe River Blvd near Riley Fuzzel, and found a man in a vehicle stuck in the mud next to a pile of lumber and plywood. He admitted that he got stuck when trying to dump the stuff, and went to jail.  The Sheriff’s office also caught a couple of guys on Riley Fuzzel who had just stolen $4,000 worth of silver and copper wire from a nearby construction site. They went to jail, too. The good news is the Sheriff’s department is doing a great job keeping those of us who live near Riley Fuzzel safe. The bad news is that some of us tend to break the speed limit there. I wonder if the racial profiling excuse would fly.

The Sheriff also caught up with a few folks on the I-45 feeder, and arrested a man for violating an active Protective Order at a residence on Rayford.

The Department of Public Safety warns that telemarketers may call you impersonating the DPS and looking for financial contributions for a fundraiser. As one who has answered one of these calls with a Caller ID of “Department of Public Safety”, I can say that this is indeed happening in our area today.

There’s a lot going on at Oak Ridge High School of late. Leading off with the debate team (because we never do), My Hanh Nguyen and Travis Lawless had great success in their respective speeches in the recent American Legion Oratory Competition. Claire Sillyman and Kayla Brame will be representing ORHS as two candidates for Montgomery County Fair Queen. They are looking to succeed the reigning Fair Queen, Oak Ridge’s Jennifer Enocksen. Five War Eagles, Cody Ward, Chris Grett, Paul Brown, Torrey Dickey and Jamal Candley, signed national letters of intent to attend colleges next fall. Two Lady War Eagles, Roshelle Zapiain and Rachel Dates, qualified for the UIL State Wrestling Tournament. Also, the recent “ice day” means that everyone will be going to school on President’s Day.

In local restaurant news, Nielsen’s Bakery on I-45, All Time on Rayford, and Jack-in-the-Box on Rayford received gold stars from the Montgomery County Health Department. Kudos to them. Not so much, though to Crabby Daddy’s (three demerits for improper dish washing machines), Taqueria Arandas (four demerits for unapproved HACCP plans), and Snowflake Donuts (three demerits for unapproved sewage/wastewater disposal system, ew). The think-twice-before-ordering-from-them award this time goes to Golden China on I-45, which received 11 demerits (four for unapproved labeling, four for cross-contamination of raw foods, and three four unapproved food contact surfaces).

Finally, the Oak Ridge North Planning Commission board, in its first meeting since 2009, discussed coming up with a plan for city projects. I guess everyone was busy with other things during 2010. We should probably look for an update on this in late 2012 or 2013.

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