War Eagle Baseball Saying Goodbye to the “Soup Bowl”

There are early signs of life over at the baseball field. As you will see in the pictures, construction crews are present and it appears as if the $667K allotted to the Oak Ridge High School baseball program is being put to use already.

Years ago, the field was thrown up with not a heck of a lot of thought or concern in regards to drainage. Therefore, it seems like as soon as a fan would flush the facility bathroom, baseball would cease to exist until the soup bowl of a field would dry up over time. Okay, that’s a little extreme but if you have ever been to a game at the field, you can tell that the field resembled the city of New Orleans in that it was an impromptu soup bowl.

Our guess is the workers are now crowning the field so for the first time in the history of Oak Ridge baseball, water will drain from the field and less rain-outs will occur. In the past, the coaches would do their best to have the field aerated to combat the rain. I can attest that former Coach Scheiner slaved over that field to salvage regularly scheduled games. If Scheiner didn’t, the games would get all bunched up in consecutive days and no one has the arms (pitching) to survive a tight schedule in such a tough district (14-5A).

In an attempt to save games, the parents of the Class of 2011’s players chipped in and bought a tarp in 2007. This helped save games as the tarp covered the whole infield and extended another 30 feet into the outfield. It was a sight to see a game after a heavy rain. The infield would be fine but if a ball was hit in the gap, the ball would get plugged sometimes eliminating extra base hits.

We’ll have more detailed information as to the work being done at the field as the year rolls on.

Until then, Go Oak Ridge!

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