Lady War Eagles Take On College Park Tonight

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The Lady War Eagle volleyball team travels to College Park for an early district test Tuesday night to see just how legitimate their 22-5, 1-0 record is.

Coach Tommie Lynn Sledge likes the make-up of this squad heading into the biggest match of this young season.

“I feel like we are playing great right now. Against Bryan, we started a little slow but fought through to the end and did not give up that first game which makes me very very happy. We are meshing great!”

When asked what she credits the team’s success to so far this season, she is quick to point out the experience.

“I’ll be honest”, Sledge beamed, “if I had to pick someone to brag on it would have to be the seniors. They have worked so very hard to push everyone to get better. We have the most seniors (seven) that I’ve ever had as a head coach. Sometimes, that can cause conflict but that is not happening with these girls. Sledge continued, “I am so proud of them for knowing their role and pushing everyone to do their best. To have one good leader on a team is usually enough but having multiple leaders is beneficial in many ways.”

Coach Sledge puts unselfishness at the top of her list of important attributes that a team must possess. “I feel like no matter which player gets to make the big shot on the court, they are 100% behind each other at all times. It is unselfishness that is enabling them to shine.”

“The seniors started this journey last September and have not let down one bit in their effort to achieve their goals. They make me very proud,” said Sledge.

Coach Sledge has been here for five years. She would never put any of her five teams above another because she has too much class. That being pointed out, for those of us who attend the matches on a regular basis, it’s pretty easy to see that Tommie is having more fun this year than she’s ever had.

Winning seems to have that effect. See you at CP!!!! Let’s rock that place!!!!!!

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