In Other News: Bomb Threat Edition

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Lots of stuff happens every day in our community, and we don’t have the staff to cover everything. And sometimes we don’t even hear about it here at Oak Ridge Now until we read it somewhere else. But you might not have heard about it either, so we once again bring you another edition of In Other News.

The biggest news in our community this week: there was a bomb threat Wednesday morning at Oak Ridge High School. This comes on the heels of similar threats at the University of Texas and LSU. The school was evacuated and students cooled their heels in the parking lot until administrators, CISD police and other authorities could sweep the school for explosive devices. As in the other bomb threats, no bombs were found. In this particular case, however, the two students who phoned in the bomb threat were indeed found, and are now facing felony charges.

Of course, our school leaders have to treat every threat seriously, in order to ensure the safety of our kids. It’s difficult to be too cautious when students’ and teachers’ lives are potentially at risk.

There was plenty of other criminal activity happening in our little corner of the world this past week. Early this morning a man was killed at the ironically named Good Fortune Club on I-45 just south of Sawdust. The accused murderer was apprehended at one of the Shell stations on I-45 and Sawdust at about 10:30 am.

Office Depot on I-45 in South County was robbed Friday. The suspects got away in a blue Mustang they have borrowed from a Ford dealer for a test drive. They made it all the way to Loop 336 south of Conroe before County Constables, CISD police and Oak Ridge North Police caught up with them. We suspect they were able to avoid the whole, “Let me talk to my sales manager” price haggling on the Mustang.

Two motorcyclist attempted to flee police early Friday morning, but it didn’t end well for them. One was stopped in Oak Ridge North, and the other was launched from his motorcycle at Richards and Rayford. He was not wearing a helmet. Earlier in the week, on Wednesday around lunch time a man attempted to flee police during a traffic stop on I-45 south of 242. He ran across the freeway, into the woods, and was found a couple of hours later.

In items not involving any perpetrators, a couple of new businesses opened in our area recently.The French Courtyard Consignment House on Robinson Road features high quality antiques and new furniture. The aptly-named Cupcake Shack (literally a little blue shack under a big Milstead sign on Rayford Road) also opened, serving, you guess it, cupcakes, along with coffee, sticky buns, breakfast tacos and other items. I have heard rave reviews about this place. Be sure to stop by both of these places, and continue to support our local businesses.

The Thyme Square strip center at the corner of Riley Fuzzel and Birnham Woods also recently opened, featuring a mailbox/shipping place, a little grocery store, and Southern Maid Donuts. Rumor also has it that panini place will be opening up next to the Cupcake Shack in a few weeks.

Rico’s Mexican Grill is having a fish fry this afternoon at Tamina Park, with all the proceeds benefiting Children’s Books on Wheels. Always nice to see local businesses giving back to the community. I doubt that I have to do much convince most of you to frequent Rico’s of our way of saying thank you.

Woodlands Online ran a story and some nice photos of the ORHS volleyball team’s 5-game victory over Conroe.

Finally, not much to report in this week’s Restaurant Report. It is good to see, though, that both Tom Cox Intermediate and York Junior High made it through their inspections with flying colors.

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