War Eagle Tennis Team Wins Big Over Huntsville 17-2

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The War Eagle tennis team faced Huntsville Friday afternoon in hopes of turning things around after being defeated by College Park on Tuesday. Well, turn things around they did, seeing as the War Eagles dismantled the Hornets 17 matches to 2.

In defeating the Hornets, the War Eagles upped their record to 3-1 and take with them a whole bunch of needed momentum heading into a Tuesday clash at home against Conroe.

The following Doubles teams improved to 3-1 for the fall:

Line 1 Boys: Bryce Lutan (Soph)/Alexis Sacchini (Soph)

Line 1 Girls: Jessica Lu (Jr) /Donnielle Jones (Jr)

Line 2 Girls: Maddie Kelley (Sr)/Paige McKnight (Sr)

Line 3 Girls: Carrie Munguia (Jr)/Callie Roth (Jr)

In Singles:

Line 1 Girls: Jessica Lu (Jr) improved to 4-0 on the year.

The following players improved to 3-1 on the year in Singles:

Dalton Dueitt (Soph)

Paige McKnight (Sr)

Chloe Waggoner (Sr)

Carrie Munguia (Jr)

The boys Doubles teams of Tim Mack (Sr)/Christian Morrison (Jr) and Dalton Dueitt (Soph)/Sam Pangle (Soph), and the Mixed Doubles team of Oneal Abdulrahim (Jr) and Chloe Waggoner (Sr) have been playing outstanding tennis, and Donnielle Jones (Jr) has been phenomenal with key wins in decisive matches.

In bonus matches, Diego Aramayo (Sr), Ariel Carragea (Jr), and Sam Pangle (Soph) got wins, and the Doubles team of Alberto Silva (Fr) and Cameron Wetzel (Fr) picked up a win as well.

All is well over on the War Eagle tennis courts as everyone is making contributions.

See you Tuesday at 3:30pm for the Conroe match. These athletes could use your support. Wouldn’t it be fun to see just half as many fans at a tennis match as you see at a volleyball match? C’mon now, let’s get over and do a little screaming for these awesome athletes.

Oh, make sure and yell in between points as etiquette frowns on giving an opposing player the business when serving.

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