Oak Ridge Tennis Secures Playoff Spot With Win Over Lufkin

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The Oak Ridge (5-2, 3-2 District 14-5A) tennis team played into the wee hours Tuesday night and came away with a big District 14-5A win over Lufkin, 12-5 with two matches being called due to darkness.

Jessica Lu remained undefeated and Alexis Sachhini won a hard fought battle against Austin Hoepner, 6-3, 7-5.

The girls doubles teams continued their dominance this year for the War Eagles sweeping Lufkin on all three lines.

In girls singles, Jessica Lu, Donnielle Jones, Paige McKnight, Chloe Waggoner, and Brenda Telles cruised to decisive wins. McKnight continued her strong singles play and Telles got a crucial ninth win on the night in singles. Jones’s performance was dominating as she picked up the 10th and decisive win for Oak Ridge on the night.

In boys singles, Oak Ridge’s #1 and #2 players, Bryce Lutan and Sacchini defeated a strong Lufkin boys 1-2 punch. Tim Mack was winning his match when it was called due to darkness.

The mixed doubles team of Oneal Abdulrahim and Chloe Waggoner double bageled their opponents 6-0, 6-0.  Carrie Mungia and Callie Roth won a clutch three-set match.

Coach Justin Williams was excited with the team’s play. “We are awaiting official confirmation from the district, but, according to records, the win against Lufkin cemented our slot in the 14-5A district playoffs and I couldn’t be more happy with the way these athletes have progressed. I like our chances every time we play.”

Next up is a non-district home tilt with Summer Creek on Friday.

Match details below:

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Oak Ridge High School vs. Lufkin                      Date: 10/2/2012                  Score: 12-5 (Winner: Oak Ridge)

Boys Doubles                                                                                        Winner                  Set 1       Set 2       Set 3

#1 Lutan/Sacchini                  vs. Hester/Hoepfner                           ORHS                      6-2          6-3

#2 Mack/Morrison                 vs. Bates/Carter                                    LHS                         3-6          6-3          5-7

#3 Dueitt/Pangle                     vs. Bates/Manan                                   LHS                         6-4          6-3

Girls Doubles                                                                                        Winner                  Set 1       Set 2       Set 3

#1 Lu/Jones                              vs. Chapman/Barrera                         ORHS                      6-2          6-0

#2 Kelley/McKnight             vs. Mendoza/Thomas                          ORHS                      6-3          6-0

#3 Munguia/Roth                  vs. Ellis/Sloan                                         ORHS                      6-3          1-6          6-0

Mixed Doubles                                                                                       Winner                  Set 1       Set 2       Set 3

#1 Abdulrahim/Waggoner vs. Ramnatu/Greer                              ORHS                      6-0          6-0

Boys Singles                                                                                             Winner                  Set 1       Set 2       Set 3

#1 Bryce Lutan                        vs. Addison Hester                               ORHS                      6-0          6-2

#2 Alexis Sacchini                 vs. Austin Hoephner                            ORHS                      6-3          7-5

#3 Tim Mack                         vs. Cody Carter                                          Called                     6-2                         (Darkness)

#4 Christian Morrison         vs. Graham Bates                                    LHS                         8-1

#5 Oneal Abdulrahim          vs. Jace Maham                                       LHS                         7-5          6-0

#6 Dalton Dueitt                   vs. Will Kirby                                              LHS                         2-6          6-1          3-6

Girls Singles                                                                                             Winner                  Set 1       Set 2       Set 3

#1 Jessica Lu                         vs. Casy Chapman                                     ORHS                      6-1          6-1

#2 Donnielle Jones              vs. Anchal Thomas                                  ORHS                      6-3          6-0

#3 Chloe Waggoner            vs. Nohema Mendoza                              ORHS                      6-4          6-0

#4 Paige McKnight               vs. Ivette Barrera                                    ORHS                      6-2          6-3

#5 Carrie Munguia               vs. Erika Sloan                                           Called                     2-6          4-3          (Darkness)

#6 Brenda Telles                  vs. Kati Ellis                                                 ORHS                      6-2          6-4

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