Cross Country Team Shatters School Records Prepping for District

The Oak Ridge High School cross country team held their annual “Red/Blue Intrasquad Break the Record Day meet” at the ORHS track on Friday, October 19. Coach Muehlstein conducts this event every year before the district meet, which this year is scheduled for Thursday, October 25.

“It was a great night for the boys cross country team.  This should help add to their confidence level going into the District 14-5A meet this coming Thursday.  A&M Consolidated will be the team to beat.  We have seen them twice this year and we won the first meeting by eight. They won the second by 16 but we were without our #4 runner, John Beauchamp.”

Muehlstein said none of that matters now. Whoever the top three teams are this Thursday get to race again at Regionals in Arlington on Nov. 3rd.  “Everyone else gets to go home and think about next year”, Muehlstein mused.

As for the fun meet last Friday, the team did have a decent day as two runners broke the old school 2 mile record of 9:56. Zack LaDoe ran a 9:55 and Justin Barrett ran a 9:47.

Others worth mentioning are Grant Parks at 10:02, Luis Alvarez at 10:06, Zach Wooldridge at 10:12, and a pair of freshmen at 10:15 and 10:18 in Juan Alvarez and Daniel Solis.

16 of the 25 total runners and 11 of the top 12 set personal records Friday.

Muehlstein said the conditions were excellent, “It was a great night to run – not too hot, not overly humid and no hurricane force winds.”

As far as the big District meet on Thursday, Muehlstein has never been so upbeat. “I am optimistic about our chances and am confident we have the ability to beat them (A&M Cons.), but we will have to race well that day.  A&M is not going to just roll over and give it to us.  It has been a while since they have NOT qualified as a team.”

We’ll be getting reports at race time on Thursday and will post live results as those reports come in.

Congratulations to the War Eagle cross country team on an excellent record breaking day last Friday and best of luck on Thursday!

Tame those Tigers!!!

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Red vs Blue
ORHS Track 10/19/12
Name GR Team 1 Mile Split 2 Mile Place
Barrett, Justin 12 B 4:57 4:50 9:47 1
LaDoe, Zack 11 R 4:57 4:58 9:55 2
Parks, Grant 12 R 4:57 5:05 10:02 3
Alvarez, Luis 10 R 4:57 5:09 10:06 4
Wooldridge, Zach 12 B 4:57 5:15 10:12 5
Alvarez, Juan 9 R 4:57 5:18 10:15 6
Solis, Daniel 9 B 4:58 5:20 10:18 7
Bush, Brandon 10 R 5:04 5:20 10:24 8
Beauchamp, John 12 B 5:00 5:24 10:24 9
Billey, Branden 11 B 4:57 5:33 10:30 10
Sanchez, Gustavo 9 R 5:05 5:31 10:36 11
Smith, Tyler 10 B 10:50 12
Wagner, Matt 11 B 5:15 5:45 11:00 13
Curewitz, Justin 12 R 11:32 14
Longoria, Alejandro 9 R 11:52 15
Riddle, Zach 10 R 11:57 16
Barrells, Hans 9 B 5:47 6:12 11:59 17
Morytko, John 10 B 12:14 18
Perez, Zeke 11 B 12:19 19
Doyle, Connor 10 B 12:20 20
Garza, Kevin 9 B 12:31 21
Vazquez, Santiago 9 R 12:49 22
McDonald, Alex 9 R 6:09 13:10 23
Linton, Jacob 12 B 7:00 7:20 14:20 24
Hautajarvi, Ryan 9 R 7:00 7:39 14:39 25
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