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If you frequent Houston inside the loop, you can run across someone serving upscale lunches, dinners, and desserts over 70 food trucks, including Bernie’s Burger Bus, The Waffle Bus, The Pink Taco, The Rice Box, St. John’s Fire, Oh My Gogi, Monster PBJ, The Haute Frog, and Frosted Betty. Many of these  mobile food establishments have a great number of devoted followers. They server solid-to-gourmet food at a reasonable price.

In South Montgomery County, the food truck presence has largely been the run-down taco trucks that frequent constructions sites. The food is not bad (I had one stop in front of my house this week) and the price is relatively low. But we really haven’t had the pleasure of our very own upscale food truck in South County.

Until Now. Sondra Kerr has opened up The Green Panini, a gourmet food truck specializing in – you guessed it – paninis at 1810 Rayford Road. They are right next to the Cupcake Shack there on the south side of Rayford, not far from the various Milstead businesses.

And are the paninis good? They are Oh-My-Gosh good. I tried the Chicken Alfredo Panini with roasted herbed chicken and Alfredo sauce on French bread. I have no idea how many calories it has, and I really don’t care. It was deee-licious. So much better than picking up a Whopper or Big Mac for lunch. The Chicken Alfredo Panini has proven to be the most popular, but they also have one with meatballs and marinara, another with tomato, Mozzarella, and pesto, and finally the PB&J panini, which I probably have to try.

They also have three desserts: a strawberry, banana, and nutella panini crusty, country style bread, a marshmallow cream and chocolate panini (with some peanut butter) also on country style bread, and upscale strawberry shortcake, with fresh strawberries and smooth whipped cream on homemade pound cake. I opted, of course, for the marshmallow cream and chocolate version, which indeed tastes like a warm chocolate chip cookie. I highly suggests napkins for this one. I may or may not have dripped some of it on my shirt.

The Green Panini offers strawberry and banana or tropical fruit smoothies for those looking for healthy alternatives. And they will often have some gourmet soups and salads to choose from.

While I am always in favor of folks in our area supporting our local-owned businesses, I highly recommend you try out The Green Panini. You won’t go there just once.

For more information, give Sonya a call at 832.381.4118.

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