Eleven Questions With… Makenna Spencer, ORHS Whirlwind

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There are a whole bunch of interesting and dynamic people in our community, and we at Oak Ridge Now like to bring them to you. Today we have eleven questions for Makenna Spencer, Oak Ridge High School senior class President, Homecoming Queen, Colonel of the Liberty Belles, National Dance Solo Champion, and most recently, participant in the Miss Teen Texas USA pageant as Miss Teen Spring. How she has the time to make the grades necessary to make it into Texas A&M, I do not know.

Seriously, though, here’s a young lady with her head on straight. She’s grounded, knows what’s important in her life, and has a plan. Meet Makenna Spencer:

How long have you been in the Oak Ridge area?  What is it about our area or your neighborhood that you like?

Since the 6th grade.  The thing I like most about my neighborhood is all the nature and trees that surround us. I live in Benders Landing so the lots are large and there’s a lot of room to have fun outside. 

You are a senior now at Oak Ridge High School. Do you feel prepared for college? Where will you be going?

Yes, I feel really prepared for college. I have been working extremely hard in school taking advanced classes, being involved in many clubs and organizations. I recently got accepted into Texas A&M University and am truly excited and honored to be going there next year.

What individuals at ORHS have had the biggest impact on your life? How so?

Mrs. Barber has had a big impact on my life in high school. She has helped me develop not only great dancing abilities, but also wonderful leadership skills. I am currently honored  to be the Colonel of the dance team.

Mrs. Costas has also had a great impact on my life. She was my counselor my freshman year of high school and has such a loving, caring and generous heart for all the students she comes into contact with. She is a great influence to me because she encourages me to always give a 110%, and her love for others is contagious! I’m sure Oak Ridge is so grateful to have her.

You have achieved the rank of Colonel in the Oak Ridge Liberty Belles. Why did you originally join the Liberty Belles?

I have always loved to dance. It’s my passion and something I look forward to doing. Being selected as Colonel I now have the opportunity to be a positive impact on those girls. My desire is to influence and encourage them in a way that they feel loved and wanted on that team. God has blessed me in so many ways, Colonel being one of them, that I long to be a blessing and a godly role model to those girls.

How much time goes into being part of the Liberty Belles? What is the most difficult part?

Being a Liberty Belle is a lot of work. We practice about 14 hours a week and the officers usually have additional practices. The most difficult part is unity. My hope is for this team to be close with each other, stick up for one another, encourage and act as if we were sisters.

What is your fondest Liberty Belle memory to date?

Definitely winning National Solo Champion this past year in Denton. That was a dream come true and such a blessing!! Ill never forget that night. But it’s also the relationships I’ve made and all the great times I’ve spent with those girls. They mean so much to me, and are my sisters away from home.

If you had to give advice to incoming ORHS freshmen, what would it be?

To come into high school with the right mindset of wanting to succeed and work hard in their studies and extracurricular activities. Also, to believe in themselves and be ready for anything. Life takes some serious twists and turns. Your friends may change, or you may be going through a tough time at home, just make sure to always stay positive and remember that God is in control and is always there for you.

Tell me about your faith in God, and how that affects your daily life.

Spending quality time with Jesus has enabled me to look at everyone and everything a whole new way. I have more love, joy and peace than I ever had before which helps me to be a positive influence on others. It also helps me do the best I can in making a difference in the lives of others. Knowing Jesus has caused me to be different in many ways including giving me a servant’s heart, uplifting leadership skills as well as a love for others. I want to be a light in the sometimes-dark world we live in.  As Colonel of my Dance Team and Senior Class President, in addition to the other clubs and activities I’m in, I am able to be a positive role model and a witness of Jesus Christ to those around me.

How do you think you might serve God in the future? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I have been accepted to Texas A&M and plan to get my degree in Kinesiology and then pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. I also hope to make the Aggie Dance Team and after college try out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. I hope to share my faith and joy in Christ with those I meet in college, on the Aggie Dance team and DCC team and others that I meet in college and during my career.

Life has not always been a bed of roses for you – you’re a child of divorce. How has that affected your life?

Divorce is definitely something I would not have chosen for my family but I’m very thankful that God has restored each of our hearts and lives. God has definitely healed our hurts, and I’m thankful that my mom and dad have a great relationship and work together to be great parents for us. I know that the forgiveness they’ve shown one another is from God. They do not display the bitterness or anger that I’ve seen many other divorced parents display, and instead treat one another with dignity and respect.

Do you have any advice for kids whose parents are going through a divorce?

Yes, definitely talk to others (or a Christian counselor) if you can. Also take your hurts and disappointments to God and ask Him for the peace and healing that only He can provide. It may not be a quick fix but over time, God will definitely work in your heart to bring good even out of difficult things like divorce.

We are blessed to have Makenna Spencer in our community, as well as her family, her teachers and counselors, and all the other individuals who have played a part in making her the wonderful young woman that she is today.

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