Video Games: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers-Tale-of-two-sonsMost siblings have an inseparable bond that isn’t easily explained. They may intentionally annoy each other one minute and then team up against a common foe the next. This strong relationship is the basis for the unusual puzzle/adventure game “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.”

It’s heart wrenching to see a young lad sitting at his mother’s grave, and even worse when he reminisces about watching her drown. This sad event reveals the motivation as to why he and his older brother will do anything to save their ailing father. When they discover that only the sap from an enchanted tree can save him, they embark on a dangerous quest to retrieve it.

It’s amazing how much emotion the developers can convey using no spoken or written words. Everyone in this fairytale land speaks gibberish, but their actions speak much louder. For example, the younger brother has a phobia of water brought on by his mother’s tragic accident, so he rides on his older brother’s back across rivers and streams.

This type of cooperation is the basis for the unusual game play. You see, players control both brothers simultaneously, and only through cooperation can they save their father. Familiar puzzles found in two-player coop games, such as one brother activating a switch to lower a bridge for the other brother to cross, are solved with one person controlling two characters.

It can be both simple and confusing, but the confusion is due to limitations of human brains. Each brother is controlled by one analog stick, and they each have one context-sensitive activation button. The only control problems arise when I move both brothers at the same time and they switch sides.

“Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” could be longer and more challenging, but it’s still a great experience!

DEVELOPER: Starbreeze Studios

PUBLISHER: 505 Games

SYSTEM: Sony PlayStation 3 (Xbox 360, PC)

PRICE: $14.99 Download


REVIEW RATING: 4.0 stars (out of 5)

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