Video Games: Lost Planet 3 is Disappointing

Lost-Planet-3It’s disappointing when sequels don’t live up to expectations, and even worse when they aren’t even as good as the original. I love the original “Lost Planet: Extreme Condition,” and part two focused too much on long fights against giant enemies. Sadly, “Lost Planet 3,” has stripped the series of its personality, and the result is a mediocre shooter.

Although the story begins in the future, the game is actually a prequel that takes place when colonists first arrived at planet E.D.N. III. It tells the tale of everyman Jim Peyton as he slowly changes from a law-abiding citizen to an outlaw fighting against the insidious machinations of the company he works for.

While this game takes place on the same frozen planet as the first iteration, the game play pales in comparison. I really enjoyed how the original game let players choose to hop into giant mechs and fight or stay on foot and fight. It was also extremely cool to yank a giant mini-gun or rocket launcher off of a mech and lumber around blasting enemies!

I know this game is a prequel, but why are the mechs limited to only using mining equipment as weapons? It’s not nearly as exciting to engage in melee battles against aliens as it is to blast them to smithereens! I also think that turning thermal energy into currency instead of required life support is a bad decision.

Another poor decision was limiting the grappling hook to so few attach points. This removes the sense of freedom the original evoked, and it now has practically no use in single-player combat. Now the grappling hook is only effective in online multiplayer matches, but they’ve been toned-down as much as the story mode.

“Lost Planet 3” had plenty of potential, but poor design decisions make it forgettable.

DEVELOPER: Spark Unlimited


SYSTEM: Windows PC (PS3, Xbox 360)

PRICE: $59.99


REVIEW RATING: 3.0 stars (out of 5)

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