Video Games: Disney Infinity: Jack Sparrow, Sully, Mr. Incredible

Disney-InfinityMost kids adore Disney and Pixar characters, so it makes sense to let youngsters control loveable creatures from both companies in the same game. However, Disney took this a step further and added plastic figures to “Disney Infinity.” The result is entertainment in both, real life and cyberspace.

The “Disney Infinity” starter pack comes with the game, three plastic figures (Jack Sparrow, Sully, Mr. Incredible), and a game base. The base is used to transfer the figures into the game, and a small play set piece determines the world in which players will enter. Each of these worlds differs dramatically from the other, and only the appropriate character can enter their world.

This means that Jack Sparrow won’t be undertaking missions in Monster University, but it is fun to sail across the sea, hunt treasure, and battle enemies as the scurvy pirate. Performing pranks and bike stunts, as Sully, is more relaxing, but just as fun. Ironically, driving around Metroville and pummeling bad guys is the least exciting play set, but it’s still much more intricate than anything found in “Skylanders.”

Undertaking quests in Play Set mode is fun, but the real joy lies with Toy Box mode. Just as the name sounds, players are free to mix and match their characters, weapons, and set designs however they choose, and then explore their creations. For example, toss Sully and Jack Sparrow together and then drive around in Mr. Incredible’s car on a racetrack you built.

It’s also possible to build your own world and then share it/explore it with others online. Thankfully, this feature is limited to immediate friends that own “Disney Infinity,” so parents won’t have to worry about inappropriate behavior. Another fun feature is taking new figures (purchased separately) to a friend’s house and adding their features to Toy Box mode.

“Disney Infinity” offers a huge amount of game play out of the box, and children are sure to spend hours upon hours playing this fun game.



SYSTEM: Sony PlayStation 3 (Xbox 360)

PRICE: $74.99 (Starter Pack)


REVIEW RATING: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

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