In Other News: Grand Parkway Construction Edition

Photo courtesy of the Grand Parkway Association

Photo courtesy of the Grand Parkway Association

Winter has come early to Texas, the kids are out of school for a week, and folks are getting ready for Thanksgiving, or as it will soon be known, Black Thursday. There’s a whole lot going on in our community, and we don’t have the staff to cover everything. Sometimes we don’t even hear about it here at Oak Ridge Now until we read it somewhere else. But you might not have heard about it either, so we once again bring you another edition of In Other News.

Our friends at Community Impact News (the best newspaper we have in this area) bring us a couple of stories this week. The first sheds some light on the continued development of the Shoppes at Oak Ridge North, more commonly referred to as the Food Basket Hodges strip center. I’m not sure why they are called “Shoppes.” Either the Grocer’s Supply folks who own the strip center are trying to lure the upper crust crowd from across the freeway (“Let’s head to Market Street, get a bite at Hubbell and Hudson, maybe an afternoon Chardonnay at Crush, and then over to the Shoppes”) or they are implying that we can’t spell all that well. I’m not sure that it matters, so long as Nielsen’s Bakery is still serving up good stuff.

The second is an interview with David Gornet, the executive director of the Grand Parkway Association. I’m not sure the story sheds much more light on the progress of the Grand Parkway – you can see that for yourself if you sit on I-45 between 2920 and Rayford any weekday afternoon. Oak Ridge Now did a fairly comprehensive Grand Parkway story about 18 moths ago, and the status has’t changed much. None of us is still looking forward to Riley Fuzzel being torn up, but we all can’t wait for the day we can avoid Rayford on the way to the Mall or the high school.

Ultimate Woodlands, the Houston Chronicle‘s local neighborhood website, brings us a nice story of Oak Ridge High School’s fashion design program that has been making projects for NASA for the past five years. To date, ORHS has delivered over 100 cargo transfer bags for the space program.

zeusThe Woodlands Villager details the request from Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage to establish a special unit to combat crime in our area. County Judge Alan Sadler and County Commissioner James Noack both supported the proposal, however it was eventually withdrawn when it became apparent that the votes were not there to fund the proposal. “We need to do something and we need to do it now,” Noack said. “If not, we’ll become another Greenspoint. We can’t have this kind of inactivity in government.” Hear, hear.

Finally, our shelter animal of the week from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter is Zeus, a five-year old Catahoula mix. He’s fully trained, and will do tricks, and he’s good with kids and other dogs, but he also has a desire to kill small animals. He’s available for only $25, as he’s been at the shelter for more than 60 days now. He just needs a good and loving home, preferably with no gerbils.


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