Days Later, It’s Still “Weagle, Weagle, War Damn Eagle”

Photo courtesy of zrawden / Flickr

Photo courtesy of zrawden / Flickr

I had so many great ideas for this week’s column. I was going to write about the epic Thanksgiving we had on The Farm at my in-laws in Alabama. I was going to tell y’all about how Sadie was my bed buddy every night and how I stared at her for an hour after she fell asleep amazed that she is mine.

I was going to tell you about my kids chasing chickens and riding horses and the hilarious squabbles the girls had with their cousins. Sadie cried real tears when her cousin Mary-Ann, who is exactly her same age, told her she had to go take a nap.

I was going to tell you about all the dance moves Emma made up on during the hayride at The Farm, square dancing and buck dancing like she was born and bred with clogs on her feet.

I had so many things to write about… then I watched the Iron Bowl. And if you don’t know this, but my blood is orange and blue. My daddy is an Auburn grad and some of my earliest memories are of falling asleep in my own bed then waking up at our tailgating spot by the School of Pharmacy wearing my Auburn cheerleading outfit.

I was raised on the east side upper deck of Jordan-Hare stadium. I have rolled Toomer’s corner and loved everything about Auburn my entire life. So when, Chris Davis returned a missed field goal for a 109 yard touchdown— you just need to know that I lost my mind. And if I’m going to be real honest (and you know I am) I haven’t thought about anything else since then.

Ketchup-vegetableI’ve been wearing the same Auburn t-shirt for four days straight. I thought about washing it today but I’m just not ready yet, y’all. I’ve watched the last few minutes of the game no less than 109 times. As a matter of fact, it’s playing in the background as I write.

I was proud to be an Auburn Tiger when it looked like we were going to lose. I was a little sad but I was proud of how hard my team had played and that hadn’t made it easy for Bama. But then that last second, y’all.

One second.

It changed everything, and also wiped all my happy Thanksgiving memories straight from my little head and now all I can think about is that one second. 109 yards. From inzone to inzone.

I might wash my shirt tonight, but only so I can put it back on tomorrow. I gotta go watch another clip. War Eagle.


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