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Oak Ridge High School Homecoming parade, 2010

Oak Ridge Now is an online community magazine/portal for the South Montgomery County residents of what Conroe ISD likes to call the Oak Ridge High School feeder zone.

It is a website dedicated to chronicling the lives of the good people who choose to live across the street from The Woodlands. It’s goal is to be a resource to help foster the “unity” portion of our diverse community.

There are a number of terrific websites focusing on the day-to-day activities of the residents of The Woodlands: woodlandsonline.com has been providing a great service to The Woodlands for 15 years or so. thewoodlandsvillager.com is probably the best source for up-to-date news in the area, given its size and long history in South Montgomery County. More recently, ultimatewoodlands.com, produced by the Houston Chronicle, has added it’s own voice to the South County conversation. There are also numerous magazines, like ReviewIT and Living that highlight the lives of the beautiful people living in The Woodlands.

These are all very good sources of information if you want to know about what’s going on in The Woodlands. The Oak Ridge area not so much. Oh, they’ll carry Oak Ridge High School sports stories occasionally, and they may highlight a business in the Oak Ridge area, but their main concern is a different demographic. They are unlikely to ever do a profile on the ladies who have worked at the Food Basket for 20 years (we are personally looking forward to that one).

Oak Ridge is so much different than The Woodlands in many ways. No, we don’t have a Waterway, or 100 miles of hike and bike trails, or shiny new steel and glass office towers. There is a different cadence to life in the Oak Ridge area, though. The folks are real and the traffic is light (Rayford and I-45 not withstanding). People mow their own yards here. Big yards. They wave when you pass them on the street. And they’ll invite you in for a beer.

We’re not homogenous. We are rich and poor, black and white and brown. We speak English and Spanish. We have traditional families and blended families and single parents and empty nesters. We should celebrate our diversity.

Oak Ridge Now will publish local news stories, Texas news, and national news articles that we don’t think you’ll get from the Villager, the Chronicle, or from USA Today. We’ll carry weekly features and opinions from nationally-renowned writers and artists. We will be conservative, and liberal, and moderate (though many folks think that’s the same as liberal). We will always, always, as Aaron Sorkin would say, speak truth to stupid. By our very nature, we will probably offend a few people along the way.

We want Oak Ridge Now to simply be the best community-based news and information website in the land. Nothing more. We want to start a community-wide conversation. Suggestions are always welcome.  If you don’t like something, tell us. If you really do like something, tell us that, too. Just tell us.

Comments to Chuck Briese at cbriese@oakridgenow.com.


Chuck Briese, Oak Ridge Now

[avatar user="cbriese" size="thumbnail" align="left"] Chuck Briese has been a resident of South Montgomery County since 1988. He and his lovely and patient wife, Leslie, have six sons, with only one left to finish high school. Chuck has been a Cub Scout leader, a Little League baseball coach, a church youth leader, and a general troublemaker over the course of the past 25 years. He is obsessed with his lawn, and likes restaurants that serve food that fills up the plate. He has a tendency to tilt at windmills, which may explain why he started Oak Ridge Now.

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