Kaufman Second Graders Warm Up Needy with Blankets

Missy Flanagan and Kaufman Elementary School's hard-working second graders.

Missy Flanagan and Kaufman Elementary School’s hard-working second graders.

Imagine having a broken home with very little income and no warming comfort or being diagnosed with an illness as awful as cancer where you are constantly cold. All you would want is a warm blanket to hold onto to feel some sort of safety. Well, the second graders of Kaufman Elementary School managed to do just that.

This past Wednesday as school was just getting under way, a sincere group of second graders at Kaufman presented fifteen tie blankets to the Montgomery County Women’s Center and two cancer patients in hopes of making some people in need of a smile do just that.

Michelle Riech from the Montgomery County Women's Center shows off some of the tie-blankets her organization received.

Michelle Riech from the Montgomery County Women’s Center shows off some of the tie-blankets her organization received.

The process of making these blankets was not an overnight event as these little hard workers would arrive early in the morning once a week, ten minutes before school began tying two blankets at a time. “It was fun!”, stated second grader Morgan Adams, when asked about how she felt about the work put into the blankets.

One of the hands on teachers involved in the project, Jill Martin described how the project was initiated. “Mrs. Flanagan came to me with the idea in late September because she is really involved in the community and I thought it was really neat!”

Not only were all of the second grade students and teachers involved, but also two lovely mothers of some of the second grade students were in on the project. “Johanna Craig and Sonia West were there every step of the way and I am so thankful for them”, stated project head, Missy Flanagan.

After all was finished and the blankets were given out, second grader Tyler Matthews offered some wise words, “Helping other people can really make an impact in your life. Fellow classmate, Morgan Adams added, ” I hope those people just feel a little more special than they already are.”

Flanagan discussed the all around benefits of the project, “It is amazing to experience such young children appreciating the impact community service can have on the world.” she added, “I have been wanting to teach my students how to be good citizens, and to be a good citizen you must be community minded, helping those who can’t help themselves. I hope they learned empathy, compassion, and consideration for others.

In a world that can sometimes be so cruel, finding sunshine in the rain at Kaufman Elementary School is a breath of fresh air. Nothing warms the heart more than watching children bring warmth to the less fortunate.

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